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Mikala Grossë

Creator & Principal

Hi, I'm Mikala.

I’m an experienced tech guru, automation queen, productivity consultant and strengths coach. I devote myself to using tech in a mindful and meaningful way which leads me to help my clients use it to enhance their businesses and lives and not distract from them.

On a personal note, I live in the beautiful city of Hobart Tasmania with my wife and two children. I love tap dancing, musical theatre, yes I used to perform, crime novels, camping, chai lattes, oh and I was also a dance teacher.

Not your typical tech nerd

Let’s face it. Tech is something that’s here to stay.

Yes, I embrace tech, but I’m Buddhist which means I’m aware of the distractions of modern-day life. So I teach and demonstrate ways we can be in control of technology and our attention rather than let it control us.

I’ve dedicated myself to using tech in an intentional, minimalistic and straightforward way to solve our problems and enhance our life.

One day I had an idea.

I created a movement called #techmindfulness, which is all about being mindful with when and how we use technology, using it to enhance our lives rather than distract us from them.

Mind blown.

For example, on tech-free days at my house, I enjoy hanging out with my kids. Which means no one is allowed to touch a personal electronic device, so we usually do puzzles, play board games, watch a movie, go bushwalking or bike riding.

But don’t worry, I’m still your typical tech nerd who gets excited with the release of new updates for my favourite apps and platforms. I jump right in to see how I can use those improvements to make my business and personal digital life more efficient.

Which means I can do the same for you. (For example, did you know about this? Because it changed my life)

What my experience means for you

During my many tech working years, it quickly became apparent it’s something I love doing, but others hate. Seems absurd to me, but it’s true.

Oh, and I’m reputably good at it too.

And speaking of absurd, apparently, not everyone digs the new Dr Who either?

So by discovering people’s tech challenges guess what happened next?

In 2017, I pulled my son out of mainstream school to eSchool him from home, which was the right decision at the time. Which meant I had to cut my employment down to care for him. I was doing work on the side as a hobby, so I decided to turn this into a business.

I enrolled in a business women’s course to help turn my hobby into a financially viable business. Through here, I discovered other female solopreneurs were struggling to practically apply the theory due to blocks with the technology they needed to implement.

So, you’ll never believe what I did then.

I learnt each step, worked out how to apply it, and then offered that as a service. And this hobby became my now thriving business.

What I've learnt over the years

I’ve learnt how to build a business from the ground up, which means I’ll help you first hand to create a successful business too. I set my clients up for success, provide the tools, processes and education for them to take what I do and move forward on their own. Dare I say it, for me helping people comes first, making money comes second.

Who knew?

I get tech can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the business side of things. Plugins, platforms, processes, WTF! There are SO MANY options that do similar things, all with their lists of pros and cons – it’s so confusing – which do you choose and how do you use it?

This overwhelm is where I come in because I know my shit. I’m continually learning, experimenting, developing and refining new ideas and better ways to do things. I’ve spent years working alongside professionals who struggle with technology. So I understand the fears and frustrations. I’m always mindful and respectful of this when advising, training and coaching clients.

I help to stop your overwhelm.

I love helping people. It’s in my nature and how I got raised. I’m enthusiastic about supporting and uplifting women, so helping build brilliant, successful businesses through the use of smart tech and automation totally floats my boat!

I’m also a minimalist. So I sincerely believe less is more. Having fewer high-quality devices, apps and platforms which work well together to meet your needs rather than lots of expensive, lavish ones that overcomplicate things and aren’t used to their full potential.

Simple is best for your business’s success.

Let's work together

Sound complicated? If so, don’t worry because it’s not.

Remember, I love tech, so you don’t have to. I make tech simple for female solopreneurs who want to stop the overwhelm so they can advance and succeed. I know first hand how tech and automation transform your business and saves you time.

So if you want to stop the overwhelm, take back control in your life and get set up for success then let’s work together.

I also offer tech and productivity coaching to ensure you are comfortable with what you use and how to use it most efficiently and effectively.