Coaching & Consulting

Supportive Certainty

Struggling to find the time to grow your business? You’re ready to begin working on it and not just in it, but this transition feels overwhelming. To create and implement the changes in your business which are needed to make this happen isn’t easy, plus you still need the operations to run smoothly.

I get it, running a business can be lonely, isolating and frustrating, but you’re not alone. And sometimes you just need someone to act as a sounding board, help you get unstuck and point you in the right direction.

If you want a better way to work, make use of technology and increase time in your day, then I offer coaching and consulting, which helps increase time and decrease the stress and uncertainty.

Tech Coaching

If you’re implementing tech, then I provide tech coaching sessions to teach you how to use different platforms in the way they need to get used. So you can maximise efficiency and create more time in your business.

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Get Unstuck

Perfect for those that want to DIY their own tech but still need some support or guidance in what to use and how best to use it.
$ 95
  • 30 min Zoom to discuss whatever you need!
  • Follow up email - summary & next step actions

Productivity Coaching

Want to get the right things done in your business, so you have balance? It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of business, and while this is important it’s also critical you learn to balance all parts of your business, so you’re still creating, strategising and growing. I provide productivity coaching where I help you select and use the best systems, tech and habits to manage your emails, time, tasks and projects.

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Productivity Power-Up

Perfect for those that are ready, willing and able to learn new strategies and create new habits to work smarter and more effectively.
$ 695
  • Initial Consult via Zoom or face-to-face*
  • Personalised Coaching Framework
  • 3 x 60 min sessions via Zoom or face-to-face
  • Summary + actions list emailed post session

Strategic Consulting

Struggling to clarify your ideas and work out how to bring them to life? Know what you want to achieve but not what you actually need to do to make it happen?

Strategic Consulting sessions are a wonderful opportunity for me to help you to identify and investigate your business blocks and frustrations, brainstorm and refine your ideas, refocus your thoughts and energy and re-prioritise your projects and tasks.

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Strategic Consulting Session

Perfect for those stuck on an idea for their business and need a sounding board and advice in the planning and execution. What’s included:
$ 185
  • 60 min Zoom to discuss whatever you need!*
  • Follow up email - for motivation & accountability

Looking for a greater sense of happiness, fulfilment and personal achievement?