Work Wife Wine Time

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About the podcast.

Work Wife Wine Time otherwise known as WWWT is an Australian business podcast that I founded with two of my business besties, fellow female entrepreneurs and work wives Rowena Preddy and Gemma Lumicisi.

It's all about support and connection...

If you’re a woman in business in Australia who worked in the public service or corporate world for many years, you’ll remember the importance of having a connection and support women who were there. Someone you would debrief with, someone else who simply got it.

But embarking on the solopreneur journey we each found ourselves struggling with a lack of support and a craving connection with others who just get it! 

It’s not how we initially thought being a female entrepreneur would be, and it’s not why we went into business.

Luckily, we found each other through a female business group. We formed genuine connections and business collaborations which later morphed into an end of week wine time debrief.

We figured other female entrepreneurs in Australia need this as well and one afternoon over a few wines, our podcast was born.

Showcasing our talents and strengths...

The three of us jumped at the opportunity to collaborate in the development of Work Wife Wine Time!


Preddy Creative

Rowena is a graphic and brand designer who creates real, raw and bold branding which transforms businesses, taking them to the next level.

Rowena is responsible for all the branding and design for Work Wife Wine Time. From the website colours, fonts, layout and imagery to the design of our social media tiles and podcast covers, Rowena has us looking amazing!


Contently Driven

Gemma is a marketing strategist and word nerd who uses the power of content to provoke peoples emotions into desiring businesses’ services.

Gemma is responsible for all our copy including what you see on our website, episode descriptions and Google Search (SEO) results. Everything you see written for and about our podcast has come from Gemma.


Inspired Office

As you probably know by now, I’m a tech guru, productivity coach and automation queen who devotes myself to using technology in a mindful and meaningful way.

As the tech geek of the trio, my job is to bring everything together to make our content available to you. I built the website, setup our email marketing, edit the episodes and upload and connect all the content and tech to make it possible for our podcast to reach your ears.

And collaboration over competition...

Want to learn enthusiastically and nod your heads in solidarity, recognise you’re not alone, that other female entrepreneurs in Australia experience the same joys, frustrations, trials and tribulations as you?

And learn strategies to cope in all aspects of running a business, life, level-up and feel more enabled just as we did?