Are you ready to embrace

your strengths?

Think about this…
What if every day you got the chance to do the things that you do best?

Strengths Coaching is all about what’s right.

It focuses on what you’re naturally good at. So you can learn and understand what that means and put your talent to use in situations where it benefits you and those around you. Doing this creates the unique opportunity to live to your full potential and be the best version of yourself.

Believe it or not, sometimes you can go about your day using your talents, but you don’t realise it. When Don Clifton and researchers at Gallup studied these talents, they put them into 34 themes which created the framework for his CliftonStrengths® tool. Once you recognise these themes, you’ll find a whole new way of looking at yourself.

What this means for you

You’ll learn how to use your talents as strengths to help achieve a better you.

For example, I use my top 5 themes in my life and business every day, particularly when it comes to future planning and direction. When I’m in my Zone of Genius I’m playing to my strengths, I love and get lost in the task I’m doing, time stands still, and my results are amazing.

You’ve heard a little about how CliftonStrengths® and Strengths Coaching has changed my life…

Want to learn how it’s changed the lives of others?

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Jane Clark

Jane Clark Financial Management

I had done the CliftonStrengths assessment before, and was amazed at how accurate the results were, and that they gave me quite a lot of understanding about my strengths that I hadn’t found anywhere else. However, when I unpacked these results with Mikala, she took my understanding of my strengths to a whole new level so that now I am comfortable operating in my strengths instead of playing small because let’s face it…not everyone appreciates a strong woman!
If you get the opportunity to work with Mikala, you will find incredible value.  Her maturity and insight will assist you to embrace your uniqueness and give you the confidence to walk in your strengths without needing apologise for being exceptional in your areas of gifting.