Are you ready to create

time freedom?

What if you could accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible?

Imagine a business (and life) where you work less but make more money.

And love it all.

The best news is you can. And you can start to achieve it all now. 

Time Freedom is the ultimate program that changes your business and your life. 

Imagine having the time to make more money, improve your health and develop better relationships

Plus improving your business at the same time.

If you think all of the above is impossible. Then think again…

Do you often tell yourself you run out of time? 

If so, let me ask you another question.

What do Michelle Obama, Jacinta Ardern, Marie Forleo and Oprah all have in common?

They all have 24 hours in each day. 

Got you thinking? I know, right!

Here’s the thing, you’ve got exactly the same amount of time.

Which means you can learn to use your time, create freedom and accomplish your deepest dreams.

But does a course like this even exist?? 

Welcome to Time Freedom my friend.

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside the Time Freedom family. 

Because in 8 short weeks you’ll get control over your time and create the business and life you’ve been craving. 

Module One – Your Productive Mind

Over 2 powerful weeks, you’ll get an introduction into your thoughts and feelings. Because discovering how you use them means reaching your goals. Then you’ll learn about focus and attention because energy flows where attention goes. So you’ll start to recognise when you’re trapped in overwhelm and not taking action. 

Module Two – Destroy Your Distractions

Your next two weeks takes you through becoming a digital minimalist. So you’ll be intentional with your information consumption, reduce distractions and become the gatekeeper of your time and attention. Then, you’ll learn to achieve inbox zero and why it’s essential to minimise distractions.

Module Three – Get $hit Done

Are you ready? Because your next two weeks are revolutionary. Not only will you learn why goals and planning are critical, but you’ll learn how to truly get it done. By using obstacles to create strategies, remove the unnecessary and writing results-driven tasks as actions. 

Module Four – Live (and work) on Your Terms

Discover how to be intentional with your time because it transforms your life. Learn how to limit your time on some things to create more time for others. Introducing structuring as you’ve never seen before. And finally, learn how to allow yourself nurturing time, to disconnect, and reconnect so you’ll always be your best self.

So are you in?

Achieving your dreams is one click away.

Gerry Huston

Business & Life Coach

I have been working with Mikala for 6 months within my coaching business. Before working with Mikala, I was not very organised, I knew I had to start using automation, but I didn’t know how, and I was missing out on family time at night, because I was always finishing things off in my business. 
Since working with Mikala, I have a new level of time freedom because now I’m organised, I’m automating the things I used to spend hours doing myself and Mikala has helped build my ideas into online courses, producing another stream of income for my business.
If you are a coach, a mentor, a consultant or a serviced based business owner, you need to work with Mikala, help leverage your time so you can do the things you love.