Are you ready to change the

way you work?

There are 3 ways you can work with me to eliminate your business and tech overwhelm.

1. Effective Entrepreneur Coaching Program

Become a tech-minimalist. Reclaim your time and energy.

I’ll help you to supercharge your personal strengths so you can set and achieve goals your way, using simple processes to get your calendar, email and to-do list working for you.

Enjoy a more peaceful, intentional and effective work-life by using only the most useful mindset, productive habits and essential tech.

Each of our personal discussions will reduce your overwhelm, as I talk you through the ways to free up your time and energy and leave you with superbly minimal and highly effective strategies for managing your calendar, email and to-do list that support the kind of business you want.

Includes free CliftonStrengths® assessment so we can deeply understanding your natural talents and get your tailored tech-minimalist plan working for you.

My clients use their knowledge of their personal strengths in every part of their life. Self-knowledge is power.

2. Supercharge Your Personal Strengths

Let’s identify your personal strengths – all the things that you’re naturally good at – so you can apply them in your work-life.

This short, super-powerful process breaks through unhelpful patterns and gives you the freedom and confidence to move towards your goals your way.

You might have done personality tests before, or even done the CliftonStrengths® assessment but discovered that information without a plan doesn’t change your life.

I’ll give you a practical and flexible method of using this information to liberate your potential in your whole life.

Online assessment, personal coaching session and Strengths in Action plan. Investment $320 AUD

3. Tech Clarity Consultations

Get out from under your tech and business overwhelm. 

Just a conversation or two is all that’s needed for me to diagnose and prescribe a clear plan for the apps, software, tech and other processes you need (and don’t need).

I’ve helped people to set up and automate their businesses in a LOT of different industries.

If you want some direct, no-nonsense advice about what and how to apply your tech and strategies, this is for you.

Individual session, summary and action plan. Investment starts at $195 AUD

4. The Business Fairy

Are you time poor, doing everything yourself and feel like you’re not meeting your potential in your business?

Do you dream of hiring a VA but just don’t feel ready or organised enough?

Do you have a long list of important “I’ll get to it eventually” items that you just can’t seem to find the time (or know-how) to make it happen?

If you’ve ever wanted your very own Business Fairy God Mother – then this is the option for you!

4. Workflow Design and Automation

Ready to invest in your business? So it runs more efficiently and effectively while requiring LESS of your time and attention?

Hell yes you are.

Running online programs, managing leads and nurturing clients. All important and all time consuming.

Whether you want tech to take over or you’re ready to hire a Virtual Assistant. We’ll work together to design and implement the best workflow and automation processes to run the backend of your business, so you can focus on creating more value for your clients.

Are you ready?

Angela Lumicisi

Communicate with Confidence Coach

Mikala has been a wonderful wealth of knowledge, assistance and overall support for me.
If it wasn’t for her amazing guidance, and ability to see things that were literally right under your nose, I never would have had the courage or belief to start my own business. (And I need to add, will be forever grateful for that decision because I finally feel I’m doing something I’m meant to be doing).
She is able to communicate information and concepts in a way that is so easy to understand that I have yet come across a technological problem she hasn’t been able to help me with. She has given me so much advice, new skills and the confidence to be able to set up my own site that now, I feel I’m a bit of a tech wiz myself!
If it is automation help you are looking for, go to Mikala, if it’s business ideas and advice to go to Mikala, if it’s overall planning and life advice, go to Mikala. Basically she is your one stop shop for everything!!
So don’t wait, get to working with her now!!