Do You Declutter Your Digital Life?

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Most people I know (myself included) declutter their homes at some point during the Christmas holidays. An early morning drive past the charity store this morning proved to me that we are definitely not the only ones. 

Why do we do it? To start the New Year feeling free-er, lighter and more organised? To create more space in our homes for the things that are important? To free ourselves from the shackles of being a slave to cleaning, storing and caring for possessions that no longer hold any use or worth?

There is no denying the feeling of satisfaction you get as you remove the excess from your home and admire the space and order left behind. But my question to you is:

“Do you put as much effort into decluttering your digital space as you do your physical space?”

Now unless you live under a rock, belong to a commune or subscribe to the Amish way of life – you have digital devices. The number and use of these devices changes from person to person, but if you are reading this blog post then you are most likely an entrepreneur who uses more than one device and primarily to run your business.

Let’s do a little exercise. I want you to grab a pen and paper and without looking at your phone or computer have a stab at answering the following questions:

  1. How many items are on your computer desktop or (if you are a visual neat freak) in your downloads folder right now?
  2. How many items are sitting in your Recycle Bin?
  3. How many apps or programs do you have that you haven’t used in the past 6 months (computer or phone)?
  4. How many emails do you have sitting in you inbox (or inboxes) from different stores/influencers/bloggers right now that you are likely to just delete without opening?
  5. What percentage of posts in your Instagram/Facebook feeds would you actually stop and read each time you login?

If answering these questions made you roll your eyes (surely everyone has 6275 items in their downloads) or break into a rather uncomfortable cold sweat, you my friend are in need of a digital declutter. All of the above add to the clutter of our digital lives and by removing the excess and un-needed, like in our homes, gives us back space and time – and can even make your devices run more efficiently!

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t need to be!

To help you out I have created a free Digital De-clutter cheat sheet: Six Steps to Declutter Your Digital Life, along with some how-to videos to help you declutter your digital devices and create more time and space in your business and life.

What are you waiting for?

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