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Feeling the challenge?

Are you running a business and struggling to find the time and space to get it where you want it to be?

Do you feel overwhelmed and can’t quite get there even though you’re always working?

We get it. You want to run a thriving business and still have the time and space to enjoy life with your family. You want to be fully present in the rest of your life, not just going through motions while your head is worried about your business. But keeping up your current speed means you’ll remain time poor trying to get your business to where you want it to go.

You don’t need to sacrifice your health and happiness.

By using the power of technology, automation and coaching, we’ll guide you through getting your business to where it should be.

By embracing technology in a powerful, smarter yet mindful way you’ll work faster and more intelligently, giving you the time and flexibility you need to make an impact on your business!!

Feeling the overwhelm?

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

And when it comes to your business, there are endless numbers of apps, plugins and platforms out there. So making a decision on which ones to use, then struggling to understand and set them up to support your processes and automate your business quickly becomes overwhelming.

If you’re getting anxious about not knowing which one is going to be best, then the excellent news is that we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. 

Every entrepreneur and business is unique.

Which means we’ll spend time together so we get to know you and your business first.

When working with us, we take a broader look at the tech you use so we can choose the platform which integrates best with what you’ve already established. We then delve into the long-term vision of your business to select the tech which best suits how you work and grows with you towards reaching your business goals.

IO Working It Out

We’re enthusiastic about helping business owners, families and individuals embrace technology in a powerful yet mindful way.

We have the help you need!

Hi, I'm Mikala a tech guru, automation queen, productivity consultant and strengths coach
who will help you and your business with..


Email marketing is one of the most valuable automations you can use in your business. However, it’s also often the most overlooked.

I’ll set this up for you in a way that puts all the supportive tech in place and is simple to use.


You can work smarter by using the right tech and the most efficient systems and time-saving automations.

I’ll work with you by setting up systems and processes which support you, your business, and your lifestyle.


Discover your zone of genius and overcome the overwhelm.

If you need help with productivity, or to get unstuck and pointed in the right direction, then I’ll help boost efficiency, save time and get you feeling in control.


We come to you with almost 25 years experience in project management, productivity, systems strategy, tech coaching and process development. We know every entrepreneur and business is unique, which means we get to know you so we can offer the best solution for your business.

IO Mikala

Mikala Grossë  |  Creator and Principal

I’m a self-confessed tech geek and productivity enthusiast who values learning, experimenting, refining new ideas and creating better ways to do things. I’m also a leader in the digital minimalism and tech mindfulness movement, which means I’ll help build your business to be smarter and more sustainable.

My Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes are: Input, Empathy, Intellection, Developer and Connectedness.

IO Ella

Ella Murray-Grossë  |  Virtual Assistant

I adore writing and learning about anything that interests, concerns or excites me. I love what I do at Inspired Office and work consistently to complete tasks and achieve goals while striving to find the most efficient and effective way to do it.

My Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes are: Learner, Input, Maximiser, Strategic and Achiever.

Client love

Not yet convinced? Check out what our clients are saying…

Michelle Tyson | Seed Skincare

Michelle Tyson


Got Mikala to help me get a few email campaigns together and bam! Have had 6 sales come through in the last 24 hours just from those communications. 

Highly recommend Mikala, great communication skills, efficient and got the job done waaaaaay faster than I ever would.

Jennifer Zeven | Blurb-ology

Jennifer Zeven


I would not be in business today if it weren’t for Mikala. I had a clear idea of my business and where I want to go, but no idea of the tech-behind-the-scenes things Mikala takes care of. 

She understands how it feels to be a mum trying to turn your ideas and passion into income.

Becky Eaves | Teacher Carry All

Becky Eaves


I can’t recommend Mikala enough – she is quick, spot on with her ideas and formats and even understands my late night ramblings on email!

Save your headaches and get it done with Mikala so you can concentrate on the things you love!


Being savvy with technology (using the right tools in the right way) can you make you calmer, more organised and more productive

Now who doesn’t want that!?!

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