Why your Mindset Matters

Published by Mikala on

It’s February. The holidays are over, kids are heading back to school and day-to-day reality is settling back in.

This is when most of us start to struggle with maintaining momentum toward our goals.

Last month I talked about the steps you need to take to get what you want in 2021. 

Now I’m admitting that I purposely left out the one most crucial component.

Your Beliefs.

You’ve heard that your thoughts create your feelings, which create your actions, which create your results right?  If not, let me break that down for you again. This is really important.

Your thoughts create your feelings

Your feelings create your actions

Your actions create your results.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the best productivity strategies, techniques, tools and tech in the world, if your brain isn’t on board with the plan, then you haven’t a hope.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you have over and over again.

And you know the best thing about your thoughts? You have the power to change them. Any damn time you like.

You get to choose what you’re going to think, how you’re going to feel, how you’re going to act and what results you’re going to get at any given moment.

Sound amazing? It is.

Is it easy? Not particularly.

But it’s totally doable and very worthwhile. And with practice you’ll get better and better. Better thoughts, better feelings, better actions and better results.

So start today, notice what thoughts you’re having about your work, your family, your goals and yourself. Are they creating positive feelings, actions and results? Or is there space for change and improvement?

Awareness is the first step. 

Notice the thought that’s not serving you. Choose a better, more intentional thought. Think that thought over and over again. Enjoy your new belief.